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Ag Legacy Newsletter – Oct. 2017


Why Grow Relationships with the Next Generation?
There are many challenges to managing the relationships between generations in any family. But consider that the farm or ranch family is unique as a business entity. Often agricultural families are more involved and work more closely than other family business arrangements. One of the most important ways to address these challenges is to establish a culture of open communication, one where everyone feels free to express themselves as appropriate. Where family members are involved from multiple generations, each needs the opportunity to share their thoughts and perspectives on the operation. They also want to feel that they are heard and that their opinions matter.

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Ag Legacy Newsletter – Apr. 2017


What is Your Management Succession Plan?
Farmers and ranchers looking to one day retire know that estate or succession planning includes consideration of taxes, wills, probate, powers of attorney and so forth. They also realize that putting a solid estate plan together likely involves an attorney, an accountant, and perhaps a tax professional. While these details are important in the process of passing on legal ownership of the land and other assets, they do not address the passing on of day-to-day management of the operation. Nor does the approach cover preparing the next generation to take over when the time comes.

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Ag Legacy Newsletter – Jan. 2017


How are you Communicating with the Next Generation?
Lack of effective communication among family members is the root cause of most family business failures. Effective communication between parents and their adult children is essential to a mutually satisfying transfer of a legacy from one generation to the next.

A legacy is the summation of a lifetime of achievement, the context in which that lifetime will be remembered, including: reputation, accomplishments, and a persons’ impact on the world. Good communication skills are essential to establishing the mechanisms for transferring that legacy to the next generation. Furthermore, good communication skills can be learned. Communication between people include both verbal and nonverbal aspects. Facial expression, posture, orientation and voice tone all add richness to the message being sent.
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Ag Legacy Newsletter – Dec. 2016


How are you mentoring the next generation?
Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced or knowledgeable person guides a less experienced or less knowledgeable person through an activity or event in their life. While the mentor can be older or younger than the mentee, they must have a specific expertise which qualifies them.

This approach is similar to coaching but in coaching the goals and the plan of action are often set by the coach. In a mentoring relationship, the mentee sets the goals and formulates the plan under the guidance of the mentor. For the most part, we don’t even consider this more formal method of instruction as necessary in a family business. Often the kids grow up helping and working in the farm or ranch business. It is assumed that they will pick-up the skills necessary to help with the daily crop or livestock operations; even learn how to operate the business.
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Ag Legacy Newsletter – Oct. 2016


What is an Ag Legacy?
A legacy is the summation of a lifetime of achievement and the context in which that lifetime will be remembered. A legacy is not just money but a reputation, what was accomplished, and the difference a person makes in the world as they pass through; their mark on the universe.

More importantly, a legacy is something that is passed along years after a person leaves the world as we know it. In historical terms, a legacy is something that is handed down from one generation to the next. Deciding to leave a legacy can provide a road map for the future; embracing the meaning of a life. …to read more click here