Enterprising Rural Families

Enterprising Rural Families offers a set of online courses and resource materials designed to help individuals involved in family businesses improve their own roles and their family’s role in the business. The material emphasizes the individual and family-aspect of the family business.

Austin Family Business Program

Austin Family Business Program helps prepare family businesses to balance the well-being of the business, the family, and individuals, as they address the challenges and opportunities which inevitably arise, day to day an during succession.

Beginning Farmer Center

Beginning Farmer Center develops, coordinates, and delivers targeted education to beginning and retiring farm families. In addition, it provides programs and services that develop skills and knowledge in financial management and planning, legal issues, tax laws, technical production and management, leadership, sustainable agriculture, human health, and the environment.

Ag Transitions

AgTransitions helps farmers and ranchers develop a plan to transition their businesses to the next generation. Materials at the site help individuals develop a personal transition plan, learn what a transition plan should include, and encourage multi-generational discussions for a successful transition.

Ag Plan

AgPlan helps rural business owners develop a business plan. Everyone can use AgPlan to develop personal business plans, learn what a business plan should include, and view sample business plans.

Business Families Foundation

Business Families Foundation provides a gateway to powerful educational experiences that help family enterprises address their unique challenges. Using a multi-faceted, collaborative approach, BFF connects business families with meaningful educational support.

Farm Management Canada

Farm Management Canada began as the Canada Farm Business Management Council. It now focuses on development and delivery of business management resources and information to Canada’s farmers; connecting the industry and continuing to build a culture of business management and best practices at the farm level. Materials on this website provide a rich resource for succession planning and rural enterprise planning and management.

Transferring the Farm

Transferring the Farm is a video series covering several issues surrounding successiong planning, including: Farm Case Studies; Retirement and Estate Planning; Tools to Transfer the Farm and Business; The Business End of the Transfer; and The Family and Farm Transfer.

Rural Tax Education

Rural Tax Education provides farmers and ranchers, other agricultural producers and Extension educators with a source for agriculturally related income and self-employment tax information that is both current and easy to understand.

Mediation Program – Wyoming

The Wyoming Agricultural & Natural Resource Mediation Program offers a process to assist Wyoming citizens in resolving their disputes in a way that is voluntary, confidential, low-cost and time-saving. Mediation is a process that helps disputing parties come together and have an open, honest and confidential discussion about the issues. A trained mediator helps the parties explore options that are available to them and find an end to the conflict through mutually agreed upon solutions.


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