A more in-depth discussion: “Developing your Ag legacy”

cropped-AgLegacyLogo002.pngAs a part of our effort to promote thought and discussion around the concept of an Ag legacy, we are providing an interactive online module, titled “Developing your Ag legacy”.

The goal is to provide the opportunity for individuals to engage anonymously around the topic of legacy. Sections of this component will provide participants the chance to interact with one another, explore the topic of legacy and what it means, discuss strategies that work and those that have not, and test their knowledge about available resources.

The online module, “Developing your Ag legacy”, will begin on October 20th, and go until October 30th. The cost is $30 per person, with discounts for multiple attendees from the same operation. Registration is open now, and can be found by  clicking here.

As a primer, be sure to check out our newsletter titled “What is your Ag Legacy?”, as well as our free, live webinar coming up on October 20th | 12:00 Eastern/11:00 Central/
10:00 Mountain/9:00 Pacific. This will provide a more in-depth look at the features of a legacy and resources available to help individuals begin working on their own legacy.


What is your Ag legacy?

threefarmersWe often refer to life as the school of hard knocks. These experiences, both good and bad, lead to lessons learned, which in turn shape who you are and often influence future decisions. In agriculture, these are the experiences that shape your operation, and together, become your Ag legacy.

Join us for a discussion on what an Ag legacy is and to begin thinking more on your own Ag legacy. What are you doing to preserve and pass it on to the  next generation? What more is there than creating a will and taking care of the financial side of the estate? What about the day to day management skills? Those hard earned lessons?

Join us for a live webinar, on Thursday, October 20th at 12:00 Eastern/11:00 Central/10:00 Mountain/9:00 Pacific. We will provide a more in-depth look at the features of a legacy and resources available to help individuals begin working on their own legacy. You can click here to join the webinar.

Ag Legacy Newsletter – Oct. 2016


What is an Ag Legacy?
A legacy is the summation of a lifetime of achievement and the context in which that lifetime will be remembered. A legacy is not just money but a reputation, what was accomplished, and the difference a person makes in the world as they pass through; their mark on the universe.

More importantly, a legacy is something that is passed along years after a person leaves the world as we know it. In historical terms, a legacy is something that is handed down from one generation to the next. Deciding to leave a legacy can provide a road map for the future; embracing the meaning of a life. …to read more click here


Ag Legacy Survey

2016_09_27_AGLEGACYPostcard_FINALWe would like to hear from you!

Take just a few moments to share with us your perspective on transitioning management responsibilities to the next generation. Your answers to the Management Showdown questions help us to better understand the issues in transitioning management responsibilities between generations. Click the image at the left to load the Ag Legacy Survey and give us your perspective. . .