Graduate Comments


“The WIRE program has really helped me to be more 
conscious of comparing enterprises, profitability of 
enterprises, relationship with employees and family, and 
also encouragement to be resourceful in exploring new 
ideas. We have placed a lot more emphasis on debt 
reduction in order to be able to endure low prices. We do 
use the information and training. Sometimes we get so 
bogged down in running the every day operations that we 
don’t stand back and evaluate or improve management. I 
have really appreciated the WIRE training."

“The WIRE course has been very helpful in my ranch 
operations. With the hard times in livestock production 
and marketing for the greatest profit, it helps to be able to 
fall back on the reference material and look for help. In 
my operation I work full-time off the ranch and still have 
a full-time job when I come home. I need to cut all the 
corners that I can and WIRE has been a great help."

“I attended both the Utah and Wyoming WIRE programs, 
along with 3 HRM [Holistic Resource Management] 
seminars. I honestly feel that the only hope for the smaller 
ranches in this country lies in their owner’s utilizing the 
material and techniques covered in these types of 

“It was helpful to think in terms of making small changes 
in varied areas for a cumulative effect in cutting costs. It’s 
much easier to take small steps instead of going through a 
complete overhaul. I’m still not sure if when ‘starting 
from scratch’ we’ll ever see a profit but the WIRE course 
helped in giving ideas to steer us in that direction. I liked 
the way it starts with the big picture - examining why 
you’re doing what you’re doing and then giving tools to 
work towards the big picture."


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